Welcome to

Shy Bairns 

Shy bairns is a strong community of young people, primarily based around music, fashion and the arts. We throw parties, take photos, DJ, and just have fun along the way.

Proudly based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Shy Bairns are best known for filling dancefloors around the North East with their infamous parties. We originally set up to document youth culture throughout the pandemic as a lockdown project, attending many illegal raves and house parties capturing it all on film. The name stems from the Geordie phrase shy bairns get nowt, meaning that being shy won’t get you anywhere in life and you need to go out and push for the things you want. With this in mind, Shy Bairns continue to push for the creative progression of young artists in and around the North East, attracting the attention they deserve.

We’re committed to a safe space policy too, found here.